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About Us & What We Do

First Coast Health Solutions is a national provider of pharmaceutical point-of-care dispensing solutions offering a unique and truly transparent pass-through pricing model with no hidden fees.

Services we provide
  • Pharmacy Dispensing
  • Drug Toxicology
  • DNA Genetic Testing
  • Compounding
  • DME Management
  • Injection Kits

Our physician dispensing services, specifically designed to work in healthcare offices, are proven to increase revenue, cash flow, patient satisfaction and compliance.

With the most intuitive end-to-end solution on the market, we have programs available for private insurance (adjudication), Medicare, workers’ comp, cash, PI, and manufacturer discount cards.

Our solution offers electronic billing (adjudication), workers’ comp billing, inventory management, reporting, drug utilization review (DUR), contraindications, side effects, duplicate therapy, dosage range, duration of therapy, and much more.

First Coast partners with clients to provide the highest quality prescription healthcare services at the lowest possible price, for service and savings that are clearly superior.

By utilizing our in-house Point of Care physician dispensing solution, your facility can provide needed medications immediately to your patients, improve outcomes & compliance, reduce pharmacy call backs, operational redundancy, and long lines and wait times for your patients at the pharmacy.

Studies show that as many as 40% of patients do not adhere to their treatment regimens, 30% of prescriptions sent to the pharmacy are never filled, and that more than 75% of patients would prefer receiving their medications during their office visit.

The First Coast platform is Surescripts certified for new prescriptions, prescription refill requests, and prescription refill responses.

FCHS offers programs for Private Insurance (adjudication), Medicare, Worker’s compensation, Cash, PI, and Manufacturer discount cards.

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Dispensing Software

First Coast Physician Dispensing Software provides the comprehensive set of tools you need to manage your in-office dispensary. From single-practitioner locations to multi-state enterprise health organizations, our scalable solutions meet a variety of clinical needs.

Claims Adjudication

First Coast works with clients to develop customized electronic solutions that are designed to accelerate the revenue cycle. Our executive team has experience to work specifically with several variations of non-pharmacy dispensing sites.

Dispensing Program

First Coast Health Solutions empower physicians to dispense FDA approved brand or generic medications directly to patients utilizing the patient’s pharmacy insurance benefit or cash payments.

Pharmaceutical Formularies

All our pharmaceutical formularies are designed by our team of experienced pharmacists in consultation with a number of prominent physicians.