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First Coast Health Solutions is a leading Tennessee provider of full service Physician In-Office Dispensing Pharmacy.  We empower physicians to dispense FDA approved brand or generic medications directly to patients utilizing the patient’s pharmacy insurance benefit or cash payments.  Our Tennessee pharmacy dispensing programs are designed to work with all medical, dental and health care specialties.

  • Save your patients time
  • Deliver additional quality care
  • Track your patient’s compliance
  • Minimize pharmacy call backs
  • Convenient for patients
  • Net up to $100,000 per year
We are committed to your success!

At FCHS, we want you to be completely satisfied with your dispensing program!  Because we are committed to your success each client receives the highest quality of service.

FCHS TennesseePharmacy Dispensing Benefits
  • Services & medications to dispense
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 800 number customer support
  • The leading dispensing software
  • Analytics to maximize reimbursement
  • Proven formulary optimization
  • Quick reimbursements

Our comprehensive programs offer electronic 3rd party adjudication and cash-&-carry solutions, inventory management, claims reconciliation, robust reporting platforms, drug utilization information, side effect profiles, duration of therapy, drug to drug interaction and much much more.

Our dispensing solutions are focused on what is important – your patient, your staff and you! Our model provides a fast and convenient way for your patient to pick up prescriptions without waiting in long lines or making any unnecessary trips to the retail pharmacy. Your patients can use their pharmacy insurance benefit or they can pay cash.

Our in-office dispensing programs have been proven to increase patient satisfaction and compliance, reduce staff workload by minimize or eliminate pharmacy calls while increasing cash flow and income for your practice.

Patient Survey Question: 1,023 adults ages 18 to 64 were asked: If given the choice between filling your prescription at the retail pharmacy & having it filled in your Doctor’s office, which would you most often choose?

78% of patients said “YES” they would choose to fill their prescriptions at their doctor’s office if given the opportunity!

Can your Tennessee practice really make money dispensing prescriptions?

YES…How many patients leave your Tennesse practice daily with a prescription you’ve written 50, 75, 1oo or more? If you count the number of patients
leaving your office heading to a retail pharmacy and consider each prescription could be worth $12, $15, $18 dollars or more to your practice, that is the type of revenue you are losing if you do not have a FCHS Pharmacy Dispensing in your office.