in-office dispensing of medications

The best way to prevent the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic is by avoiding contact with people who have been infected with the disease. As the virus is extremely contagious, many establishments around the world have shut or scaled-down operations as a safety measure, to encourage people to limit movements and practice social distancing. 

Unfortunately, these necessary restrictions may pose some challenges in acquiring maintenance and prescription medications. Here’s why in-office dispensing of medications may be more advantageous than a pharmacy frequented by many people.

1. There are no crowds at in-office drug dispensing facilities

Drug stores will, no doubt, have long lines of people waiting for their turn to fill in their prescriptions. Patients with a chronic condition can’t risk going to a crowded pharmacy even if they practice social distancing or wear a mask. The same applies to the vulnerable population, such as the pregnant and the elderly.

Fortunately, if a doctor’s clinic has a physician medication dispensing software, patients can simply make an appointment and get their medications after the consultation. In these difficult times, this proves to be an efficient way of obtaining medical treatment and can help reduce movement and foot traffic at pharmacies.

2. The patient can easily request a 90-day supply from the doctor

It’s easy to ask clinics that offer in-office dispensing of medications to fill-out a 90-day supply of prescription medication. According to the Infectious Disease Special Edition, the CDC recommends the stockpiling of several weeks’ worth of medications in this pandemic, especially for high-risk patients with comorbidities. The duration may vary per state, but it’s usually 90 days maximum.

If you’ve ever tried to request this arrangement at a pharmacy, there’s a good chance that it was rejected. This is because pharmacies have to confer with their insurer. In this unusual circumstance, insurers have more relaxed policies on stocking up on medications, but this won’t always be guaranteed.  

On the other hand, in clinics with a physician medication dispensing software, the patient will be conferring directly with the doctor, so there is a smaller chance of rejection. Doctors can also properly monitor their patients’ drug intake and ensure that they still comply with the treatment regime, even in quarantine.

3. The medications being dispensed are already pre-packaged

Patients can be assured that the medications they receive are never touched or contaminated by another person. Our facility prides itself on the quality of our work. Our in-office drug dispensing software has an intuitive system that makes dispensing and tracking of medications easier for both the doctors and their patients.

Through our in-office dispensing system, we can make sure that the pre-packaged medications supplied to doctors are correctly labeled, safe, and clean. First Coast Health Solutions encourages its partners to adhere to dispensing guidelines whether there’s a public health crisis or not. 

Learn more about First Coast Health Solutions’ physician medication dispensing software

First Coast Health Solutions is a turnkey solution provider of an intuitive, web-based medication dispensing software and the highest quality, FDA approved pre-packaged drugs. 

When you choose First Coast Health solutions as your vendor for in-office medication dispensing, we will help you create a new and simple revenue source. We will ensure that you establish an environment that is fully compliant and delivers complete quality patient care.

Contact us today at 904-350-1155 or visit our website to find out more about our pharmacy claims processing model, pre-packaged medications, physician dispensing programs, and medication dispensing software. We will be happy to assist you!

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