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FCHS Ortho has been providing orthopedic practices with a profitable solution to their DME needs. Since each practice is unique, our program is customizable and will adapt to your needs. Our goal is to streamline operations so you can stay focused on your patients.

At no cost to you, we’ll stock your office with the items you want from a complete line of orthopedic and ergonomic products. This means an increased cash flow for you that would normally be invested in your inventory.

  • Complete billing and accounts receivable management specific to DME
  • Prevents holdups in the revenue cycle before they happen, increasing profitability
  • Provides you with analytic claims reports you need to manage your practice
  • Trained staff understands DME rule sets to ensure prompt payments to your practice
  • Fully HIPAA compliant



Even through the purpose originally for stock and bill was convenience to the patient, a fraud alert in 2000 has caused significant challenges to practices. Using FCHS Ortho’s program helps you remove liability issues that you would have to navigate around yourself.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics and Orthotics Suppliers (DMEPOS) maintain, furnish and adhere to specific standards executed to provide consistent patient care. We work with your practice to make sure you know what it takes to be compliant with Medicare standards.

Charges are pre-authorized, reviewed to meet 3rd party payer medical coverage criteria, properly coded, and submitted daily.

Financial responsibilities (including co-insurances, allowed deductibles, selfpay, and non-covered items) are thoroughly explained to each patient prior to dispense. Cash/check/credit card payments are deposited into your practice’s operating account daily.

Insurance claims are tracked throughout the adjudication process and any requests for further information or denials are worked to fruition in a timely manner.

Receivables are controlled such that 95% of aging is current. Medicare/Medicard reimbursements are EFT deposited in less than 21 days (far exceeding the Rehab/DME industry average of 73 days).

Net Collection Rate for orthoses, prosthetics, equipment, and supplies is >98%, well above MGMA standards.

Manufacture Neutral. DMEPOS are sourced worldwide for the highest quality products. Select FCHS Ortho is not beholden to any particular manufacturer or distributor.

Inventory is completely stocked and maintained. The clinic is only billed once a month for the items dispensed.

Purchasing power is leveraged to positively impact the profitability of the program.

Latest products to market that meet insurance guidelines and improve patient outcomes are continually introduced to the physicians and staff.

Detailed utilization and revenue reports are generated to provide real-time feedback to the clinic.

Medical policies and procedures are monitored to remain current. Transmittal notices for all payors (including Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial, and Work Comp) are absorbed and studied daily.

Pricing, data, analysis, and coding (PDAC) rules are strictly adhered and all HCPCS charges go “by-the-letter”.

All federal and state regulations are enforced including Stark, Anti-kickback, and Arms-length transaction rules.

Employee(s) are recruited, hired, trained, supervised, and re-educated to perform all functions of the DMEPOS ancillary program on behalf of the providers.

Fitter/coordinator(s) assess, measure, fit, educate, and provide follow-up service to all patients receiving in-house orthoses, prosthetics, supplies, and equipment.

Prehab/Rehab (pre- and post-surgical) protocols are reinforced as part of each patient’s customized continuum of care.



Braces, equipment, and supplies are technically and clinically fitted to deliver dramatic results.

Patients (and caregivers) are taught donning/doffing procedures, care and instruction, and how the item(s) work to achieve the desired results.

Orthotics and prosthetics fee schedule received a 2.4% increase in 2012. Don’t be held hostage to the looming 27.4% cut in physician payments.

The provision of durable medical equipment, orthotics, prosthetics, and supplies…and the full reimbursement for such products is the core competency of this highly unique boutique service.


FCHS Ortho treats each patient individually with the same care, interest and value that you extend to your patients.

Quality and service are a must, and each new patient is as important as the last, regardless if we are providing a wrist brace or a prosthetic device.

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3/5 (2 Reviews)